Consumer Healthcare Applications

Qualicaps® capsules are engineered from the environment, carved from its elements, to represent the best of ‘nature+science’ in shaping the state of wellbeing.

Qualicaps® is a responsible company dedicated to the supply of two-piece hard capsules and related services that takes pride in producing each capsule with the aim of promoting the basic principles of wellbeing.
As one of the principal suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry, Qualicaps® brings a wealth of expertise to the consumer health market:
     • Over 120 years of capsule manufacturing experience.
     • Proven track record in capsule innovation and custom capsule applications.
     • Capsule, equipment and technology synergies to meet nutritional product manufacturing needs.
     • Competitive pricing with reliable, on-time deliveries (including a Quick Stock program for rapid delivery of standard capsules).
     • Commitment to personalized customer service.
     • Excellent technical support.


ME-BYO is a term grounded in traditional Japanese herbal medicine (kampo) referring to the state of the human mind and body that exists between the polarized classifications of healthy and sick. It implies a proactive and integral approach to wellness, in which individuals seek to prevent the onset or progression of illness through lifestyle-based approaches that complement medical ones. Improving ME-BYO means making efforts to better mental and physical health, regardless of their current condition, and increase longevity.
Encapsulating ingredients for preventive care enables an effective delivery in a non-intrusive manner, befitting a health-conscious lifestyle.